Founded by Nader Nouraei in the year 1990 in Dubai, UAE, Hanayen has been synonymous with trust, quality, and excellence. Having enjoyed the patronage of thousands of customers, Hanayen as a brand has been consistently delivering high quality Abaya and Sheila to its customers since the past three decades and has enjoyed a phenomenal success which is attributed to its unique and exclusive designs. Further reinforcing its position as a pioneer in the haute couture industry, Hanayen products represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship and are unsurpassed for its quality and attention to detail. The Abaya luxury line extends to the informal wardrobe with the perfect blend of practicality and elegance that characterizes made-to-measure garments.


"Play Globally, Act Locally!" Game-Ever is an integrated global inspired game developer. The one stop-game originator that has a diversified pool of unconventional talents and industry experts in Augmented Reality(AR), Virtual Reality(VR), IOT and Artificial Intelligence(AI) with a full creative spectrum of the gaming industry.
Being the game design company, we operate an unity engine development for the future of play with ground breaking experiences that exceed player expectations blurring the lines between games, entertainment & reality. Game-Ever builds future experimenting with emerging technologies and strive to orchestrate creative vision, technical expertise and immersive game play warfare for personal computers, consoles and mobile players with iOS, Android, and Windows phone compatibility. We do it all, and we do it in-house.

White Pearl



The White Pearl Fashion LLC is a fashion apparel, sportswear, and footwear retail conglomerate residing at the crossroads of the modern economy – Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Today, the Group caters thousands of eager shoppers through its more than 60+ stores & wholesale trading.

Our Mission is to build and sustain loyal customer relationships by providing the best through a wide choice of great services and excellent value to all those communities in which we operate thereby adding quality to life.

Little Things



Little Things Trading LLC is a unique retail experience - with the flagship store situated in one of the biggest shopping malls in the world, The Dubai Mall - that carries a wide selection of video-gaming related products, Anime and Manga, comics, collectible figurines, model kits and related hobby goods, pop-culture apparel and an assortment of associated merchandise (such as posters, pins, badges, soundtracks and more!).

After an extensive search in the market today, we realized that a specialized shop in unique and exclusive collector gifts needed to be created.




Founded in 2014, WeHygiene™ is the leading cleaning services company in the UAE. The dynamic and professional cleaning team has an in-depth understanding of the UAE’s climatic conditions and its residents’ lifestyles. We offer an array of cleaning services, each designed to create a healthier environment.

Before we undertake any assignment, we do a detailed assessment of the needs of our customers, followed by a recommendation on the cleaning services/treatments that’s suitable for overall hygiene. Our growing number of customers is a demonstration of our commitment and the professional approach to all our services.




Prozes Sport is the trusted destination for anyone seeking health and wellness in their lives. Since our establishment in 20XX until now, we grew exponentially to became the first and one of the biggest online store for sport supplements, vitamins, and healthy food in MENA and the GCC, and expanding day after day to reach you everywhere. We don’t only provide the most competitive prices, fastest delivery, authentic quality brands, wide range of products, topnotch shopping experience, and state-of-the-art technology, but we also promise to lead you by hand step-by-step until your fitness goals are achieved.

Rose & Yasmine


Rose & Yasmine was created with our core beliefs at heart.

Beautiful jewellery should be accessible to all; transcending size, shape and trends. Carefully curated and high quality pieces can be affordable.

Variety is the spice of life.

IRTM Group


IRTM is a reputable and growing general trading company, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We trade in a wide range of commodities across building materials, foodstuff, electronics, cleaning and sanitising products, oil and gas, medical equipment and makeup products.

Hayak Homes


Hayak Homes has been founded on the desire to create a real estate agency of the modern era where our clients are at the centre of everything we do. We endeavour that every business decision we make is thoroughly evaluated to ensure that it is in sync with the latest trends in the real estate market and up to date with the current economy. This includes the hiring of top-tier real estate experts and the use of modern technology to further our mission, whilst keeping our clients at the heart of our business.

AllStars Trader


AllStars Trader (AST) is a revolutionary brokerage allowing anyone to trade exciting new alternative asset CFDs, based on real people, alongside traditional trading products such as FX, commodities, equities and cryptocurrencies.

AST alternative assets track the performance of sports stars and the success of celebrities and businesspeople. Highly sophisticated systems, which have taken years to develop, constantly evaluate and benchmark individuals creating real-time, liquid, and tradable indices which are recognised financial products. These can be for your favourite footballer, cricketer or in the future even Tik Tok superstars.



 SHEEN Cleaning services, provide the best custom cleaning in Dubai by providing professional, trained, and qualified staff. We use imported cleaning machines from Europe which help us achieve the highest level of cleanliness on all types of carpets, rugs, drapes, and upholstery. We also clean sofas, curtain, mattress, Marbles and tiles are another unique services which is provided by SHEEN.

AST alternative assets track the performance of sports stars and the success of celebrities and businesspeople. Highly sophisticated systems, which have taken years to develop, constantly evaluate and benchmark individuals creating real-time, liquid, and tradable indices which are recognised financial products. These can be for your favourite footballer, cricketer or in the future even Tik Tok superstars.

Gemini Beauty Salon


Gemini Beauty Lounge is headquartered in Dubai. At Gemini Beauty Lounge in Dubai, they are committed to assisting you in looking and feeling your best, and they believe that good hair and excellent care are an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. They use the absolute best items available in the hair and excellence industry today to provide the most enjoyable and durable results possible.

Kat & Sage


Founded in Dubai, Kat & Sage is an all-women’s online fashion boutique. We believe in creating and showcasing innovative and new global high street brands. At Kat & Sage, we understand the aesthetics of all body types, height and style and we endeavour to bring forth everyday clothing and accessories with a luxurious feel for all women.

Each woman is stunning in her own skin and carries herself with a level of attitude, regardless of the shape of her body. Kat & Sage are here to enhance that level of boldness. We impose no barriers, when it comes to achieving your desired look.
We are sure you can find all you seek, from the chic professional attire to that gorgeous date night dress and of course the occasional resort wear that makes you look stunning.

Kat & Sage promise you elegance, luxury, comfort and true happiness at an affordable price at your doorstep.